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Guidelines for posting in this forum.

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Guidelines for posting in this forum.

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:18 am

Members are requested to follow the under mentioned guidelines for posting in this forum.

1. Check before Posting: Before submitting any new topic, please check the search results. If you find the desired topic and you have more queries relating to that subject, please continue the topic without creating a new one.

2. Don't continue a topic with other issue: Please beware of being Off topic. Don't continue a topic if you have other issue or query on other subject. Please create or look for separate topic in case you have some different query not related to the subject.

3.Don't post different queries in a single topic: Please don't post all of your queries in a single topic. Create or look for separate topics for separate subjects.

4. Post in proper Place/segment: If you feel its necessity to start a new thread/ topic, please choose the proper place/segment. E.g. If you want to ask something about Income Tax, Go to General Discussions and choose the separate segment of Income Tax. Don't post it here and there.

5.Choose the right Heading: While starting a new thread please choose the Heading appropriately. Because, to a general viewer only the Heading is visible at first. If the heading is not appropriate or draws no or little attention then you stand to lose attraction of most of the members. You never know, the most knowledgeable member on the very subject of your topic may just miss your post only because of a poor selection of Heading.

6. Don't repeat the post: Please don't repeat your posts. It shall make the forum too crowded with duplicate posts.

7. Be descriptive on your query: Please don't provide inadequate information about your query. This may create confusion and loss possibility of reply. E.g. If you want to request for any G.O., Rule, Form etc., provide sufficient informations regarding the subject matter. If you want to ask something about leave, provide sufficient informations regarding the post, department etc. as far as possible.

8. Don't ask a particular person to reply: Please don't put your query requesting any particular member of this forum to answer. This may discourage other members from replying you in future. However you may request your desired member by sending a private message.

9.Don't put your query through private message/email: We like discussions on board as the same become helpful for others. Therefore please don't put your query through private message or email. In case your query is too confidential, you may hide your identity.

10.Don't put your query while giving reputation point: It is observed that some members are putting their queries/request while giving reputation point. Some even don't notify the same. This may put the replier in dark and loss possibility of further reply.

11. Don't use caps lock or all Upper case: Though it is mentioned in our Forum rule, it is further requested here to avoid use of Caps lock or all upper case. Just use proper case/sentence case.

12. Check your spell and grammar: Spelling and grammatical mistakes may make your post unattractive and also make others less interested on you. As such, before submitting your post, please go through the same until you satisfy yourself regarding its perfection. Use of preview option before posting is much helpful in this regard.

13. Use English language and Fonts only: Please don't use any other language except English and also don't use any special font. If your English is too weak, just write "Sorry for my poor English" at the bottom. None will mind that. However use of Bengali font is allowed on some special circumstances like quoting something. Members are requested to avoid use of the same as far as possible.

14. Don't Copy & Paste form other sites: Please avoid duplicate entries as the same may cause loss of rank of our Forum. If you want to share something from other site, please give credit of the site by writing the source below. If it is necessary to post a duplicate content, then please give a credit to the original author by providing a link. Let's make our forum unique and real one.

15. Don't post/upload any Copyright material: Please beware of posting/uploading any kind of copyright material as the same is punishable under the eye of law.

16. Encourage your friends/members: Every message deserves some reply. If you find any reply of your post or any helpful topic/document, please show your courtesy by giving the member "Thanks" and if you find the reply/post/document worthy enough/valuable, please show your courtesy by using the Upper thumb. This will encourage the member to reply you in future and increase the depth of friendship.

17. Participate on discussions: Please don't hesitate to participate on any discussion. Your hesitation may keep you backward. Feel free to participate and post your point of views. In case you post anything wrong due to your ignorance, it will be rectified by further discussions and you will never be criticized. We always welcome healthy discussions.

18. Avoid personal attack: Please avoid any kind of personal attack. You may use some code name e.g. "X". However you may criticize over the policies of the policy makers.

19. Avoid use of Offensive language: Please don't discourage any one by using any offensive language. If you have any complain , contact the team members directly and you will be taken care off at the earliest.

20. Don't advertise: Please don't put any advertising material or link here for your personal gain. Unnecessary linking is treated as violation of our forum rules.

21. Don't call "Sir": We think all the members of this community should be tagged with the relation of friendship and the word "Sir" should be avoided as far as possible. After all this is the best relation in the world for which it is not require to clarify any age, caste, religion etc. However you may make some relation like brother, sister etc.

22. Don't post contact number: Members are requested not to post their contact details on board as the same may be harmful. Because Spammers are active to find contacts everywhere.


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